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Simple Movements: You can do every day!

By moving for a few minutes every day you are helping to maintain muscular strength, coordination, stamina, healthy joints, strong bones, and not to mention it's great for your mental health!

It doesn't take long to start feeling the benefits, you can even start with just 30 seconds a day with these simple movements.

  • Stand up with your feet shoulder width apart (you can also be seated in a chair for the first 3 movements!)

  • Begin to roll your shoulders up and back several times

  • Then lift your arms up and over, gently leaning to the side, stretching the body

  • Now lift your knees up towards the chest, as high as you feel comfortable

  • Then rotate the body side to side while pivoting on the ball of your foot

Try these movements once per day for 7 days, then work your way up to doing them 3-5 times in a row for another week and see how you feel afterwards!

Do your muscles feel more loose and relaxed?

Are your joints less stiff and sore?

Has your mood changed at all since adding these movements to your daily routine?

Once you start feeling comfortable with this as a part of your regular activity and you're feeling the physical and emotional benefits of it long term; begin to find another exercise to add. Maybe trying a Yoga Class, or Strength Training.

Check out our Pinterest Page for more inspiring ideas:

Ask one of the Radect Health Ambassadors if you have any questions along your journey, we are here to help!

Written by: Desiree Schmidt 500hr RYT, Yoga Ambassador

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