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5 Tips for Practicing Yoga as a Beginner

1- Explore different areas of yoga

There are many forms of yoga out there and it may take time to find what resonates with you.

Many people think of vinyasa yoga when they think of yoga. Vinyasa is the type of yoga where people are moving in and out of poses at a quicker pace, but this is just one type of yoga. There are many other forms of yoga out there such as yin yoga and restorative yoga. There are even types of yoga practices that aren’t so based on physical movement and are more of a lifestyle. So explore different areas of yoga to find what you enjoy!

2- Know that there isn't one way to do yoga poses

Beginners sometimes feel frustrated or like they aren’t doing poses right if it doesn’t look a certain way. The point of yoga is to make it work for you and your body. You don’t need to be flexible to do yoga, this is a common misconception! There are also many ways to modify poses to make them work for you and your body at this point in time.

3- Don’t be afraid to use props like yoga blocks etc.

This should be a tip for all yoga practitioners, not just beginners. Props are a great addition to a movement based yoga practice and they do not make poses less effective. They can actually make poses more effective because they help support you and your body.

4- Don't skip savasana

Savasana is built into many yoga practices for a reason. Just as we need movement we also need rest. If you want to skip savasana, you probably need it more than ever!

5- Enjoy the practice!

Yoga can be hard work but it should be something you enjoy. It's challenging to move the body and it's challenging to work on things like meditation but you should feel good after your yoga practice. This kind of relates back to tip one where you learned that there are many ways out there to practice yoga. If you're not enjoying your practice, explore other areas of yoga to find what resonates with you.

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