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LCSW, MSW, LPC/MHC, Psychologist, Psychiatric Nurses

  • Are you a passionate yoga instructor looking to expand your program and ability to serve more members?

  • We are looking for yogis who are interested in working remotely with members and design personalized programs for them based off of their health needs. 

    Qualifications Required: 
    - 200 hour + RYT Certification 
    - Ability to demonstrate basic anatomy skills
    - Ability to demonstrate individual and group teaching skills 
    - Belief in science and the blending of Eastern and Western wellness 
    - Writing proficiency
    - Social Media presence that fits well with the Radect brand
    - Ability to work independently and reach goals/deadlines 

    Benefit if you have worked with clientele who have chronic diseases and/or injuries. Additional benefit if you have remote/ virtual teaching experience. 

    When applying, we would like to learn more about you including: 
    - The types of clients you have worked with 
    - What you would do if a client asks a question you don’t know the answer to
    - Your motivation to becoming an instructor 
    - Your yoga (and overall wellness) philosophy 
    - Your future goals

    Radect Health’s mission is to innovate in the health industry while ensuring fun isn’t something left out of the equation. Contact us today to learn more about the position at: or you can email

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