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Parkinson's Case Study

Hand Reaching Out

Detailed Patient Background

Randy is a 59 year old male who has been diagnosed with Parkinsons. He suffers symptomatic conditions daily, including difficulty using his computer at work due to a tremor in his right hand,increased difficulty in concentration on work tasks, along with he fatigues easily and has trouble completing an 8 hour work day. His wife has noticed forgetfulness with day to day activities and his worsening muscle stiffness and poor coordination have caused him to stop playing in his softball league.


These changes are accompanied by frustration, difficulty sleeping, and low self-esteem. He has noticed a gradual increase in these symptoms over the past 12 months which led to him seeking out his doctor's opinion and a Parkinson's diagnosis. This diagnosis has added to his stress level and anxiety about his future.


Although Parkinson’s can be a scary diagnosis to hear, there is a lot of research demonstrating how the disease progression can be slowed and people can continue to lead active, fulfilled lives.

Radect's Impact

Here at Radect Health, we have preventative health and wellness plans that provide us the ability to use a team-based approach to manage Parkinson’s. Our yoga ambassadors assist in planning the right activities to maintain  Randy’s fitness level and well-being, ranging from personalized physical exercises to meditation. They will monitor his progress regularly to ensure he stays on track. Additionally, our physical therapists are consulted to determine the appropriate program, whether the goal is balance, strengthening, or flexibility to prevent mobility issues.


We also have health practitioners who will manage the diet, mental health, and social work aspects as a part of the member's support team. Our dietitian will offer recommendations on foods that prevent disease progression and offer supplement ideas based on his individual symptoms. This ensures his diet plan suits his needs and fits his preferences. Our mental health professionals help navigate the cognitive challenges and mental impact that a loss of abilities has on Randy’s daily life while emphasizing a reduction of stress and anxiety in conjunction with the yoga ambassador's program. Finally, our medical providers will track his progress and offer instruction on current Parkinson’s treatments or interventions based on the stage he is in.


We want to keep Randy as mobile and connected to his current activities as possible. Our team at Radect will work with him to reach his individual goals and live a life he enjoys.

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