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For small doctors’ offices.

Making unparalleled integrative health part of concierge medicine in your office. Become part of the health team, because.

  1. Reduce patient charting time

  2. Work collaboratively that has not been possible today

  3. Expand to more patients

  4. Paid from patient in our health plan along with their insurance

We offer you to work with patients in your state by location they can sign up for. You will be part of the RADECT health plan

We also specialize in IBD, Diabetes, Hypertension, Parkinson’s, Dementia, Women’s Health, Cognitive Health, and Chronic Pain.

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Dr. Safia Siddiqui

Family Medicine Physician

Dr. Safia Siddiqui is a family medicine physician from Atlanta, Georgia who is a consultant for RADECT. Due to her engineering background, she strives to approach practicing medicine using data-driven analysis. She is passionate about reducing barriers to healthcare access and projects that target healthcare inequity, which is what attracted her to RADECT.

Dr. Siddiqui is working with RADECT on strategies to increase providers’ time with patients, so they can focus on patient care and spend less time on administrative or data collection duties. She believes RADECT can achieve this by using an integrative, value-based care model with non-traditional healthcare workers including yoga instructors and physical therapists.

Dr. Siddiqui obtained her biomedical engineering degree from Georgia Tech and her medical degree from Medical College of Georgia. She has experience with entrepreneurship as a prior co-founder of a health-tech startup and Y Combinator recipient.


Dr. Dana Dragone

Registered Dietitian and Doctor in Clinical Nutrition

"Notes for why RADECT is Different: Radect focuses on multiple aspects of health and care. Most telehealth companies are either set up as a one and done ex. you have an illness you see the doctor they give you meds and that's the end of care OR as a subscription service for one issues ex. a weight -loss program. Radect is broad and covers a wide range of health issues (ex. diabetes, cardiovascular disease, chronic pain, IBS etc.) and uses a comprehensive system that includes medical doctors, nutritionists, yoga teachers, physical therapists and psychologists to address health issues at their root and treat underlying issues not just the present symptoms."

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