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Why RadectHealth?

Radect Health targets the superpower ability of tech and practitioner knowledge to impact healthcare in new ways.

Lotus Pose
Exercise and Healthy Diet

Our Current Project Examples:

  • Interventions as worksheets and methods of removing the stigma of wellness and mental health of persons and culture, and the barriers to achieve health literacy. 

  • Creating scalable and personalized team-based interventions to effectuate positive change inclusive of stressors, diet, exercise, and social determinants of health that impact hypertension medication management with primary care and endocrinologists. 

  • Bringing yoga experiential knowledge in supporting health conditions like schizophrenia, trauma, dementia, and rheumatoid arthritis based on goals and curriculum inclusion for mental health and healthcare workers. 

  • We can make preventative physical therapy a thing. 

  • Expanding team-based care capabilities to social media and online activities and become part of the wellness and healthcare records.

  • Finally, psychiatrists and therapists can join forces as teams instead of working in silos and incorporating non-traditional healthcare workers in activities and management plans, and social determinants of health.

We are looking for a community of nurses, physical therapists, social workers, community health workers, exercise physiology, yoga, caregivers, clinicians, therapists, and VR programmers, software programmers, and others.

In some cases, we will publish in peer review. If you are a researcher, we would like to collaborate.


Please send us your contact information accompanied by projects and ideas.

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