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About Us

Health, Wellness and Fitness

A wide range of Health, Wellness and Fitness services

Credibly reintermediate backend ideas for cross-platform models. Continually reintermediate integrated processes through technically sound intellectual capital

Personalized Coaching

Inspire and support you through your goals, helping you find fun and joy, understanding and overcoming your social and environmental  challenges, becoming proactive in your wellness and health, and drive learning about yourself for improvement to improve your health and wellness to grow.

Mental Therapy

The causes and symptoms that effect mental health with or without a diagnosed condition is to be understood and improved through talk therapy, customized worksheets, and activities.

Social Work

Social Work is multifaceted for resources and needs of you that can help you in social, environmental, family, and community. This can be learning about early and childhood patterns, addressing discrimination, limiting beliefs, establishing boundaries, and coping skills.


Exercise is about becoming proactive and fitting a plan to support your growth from experts that understand exercise physiology for yoga and any other exercise and plan right for you if yoga or any other types of exercise. We have physical therapy as part of exercise to prevent health conditions that becomes part of our exercise curriculum.

Diet (Clinical)

Diet is about your culture, environment, and eating habits. We understand many of the aspects of your eating, stressors, and even evidence based guidelines of food for health conditions if you have, and your ability to purchase and make the foods.

Preventative Nursing

Nurses use functional health patterns to find physiological like vital signs and well-being to assess ones health. We want to improve those aspects that are risk factors for health conditions as we age.

Mother and Daughter Bonding



We offer integrative health and wellness for prevention and managing health conditions.



Everyone has physical therapy, personal trainer specific for preventing and managing health conditions, social worker, clinical dietician, wellness and health coach, and nurse.


Time Increase of Care

Time spent with ambassador and curriculum increases the amount of wellness and health support for you in management of your health provider.



Growing content to support personalization for you as curriculum in videos, worksheets, and activities.

Your health is most important

With great prices & special offers

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Starter Plan

$40 Every month

Online program without direct interaction with the yoga and team based instructors.

1 Year Plan

Exercise Group

Personalized Coaching

$114 Every month

Health record inclusive, wellness plan customized for your.

1 Year Plan

Yoga on the Beach

Concierge All Inclusive
Health & Wellness Plan

$275 Every month

Learn More by visiting our sister site, Radect Wellness

Valid for 1 year

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