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Athlete's Case Study

Physical Therapist

Detailed Patient Background

Brady is a 26 year old wrestler who strained his lower back last year while training. After sitting out for a few weeks, he was able to compete once again, but has been in pain since the incident. In addition to pay when being active, he has difficulty sleeping and was prescribed pain medication to manage his pain but it is impacting his training. Brady has tried different treatment programs, from acupuncture to massage, and receives short term relief, he has yet to find a long-term solution to his injury.

Radect's Impact

Chronic pain requires different treatment solutions than an acute injury. Outwardly the tissues may appear healed, but the nervous system may still respond to a pain stimulus. At Radect Health, we always seek to understand the whole person and provide a management plan based on your concerns and goals. As our team is composed of different disciplines, we offer interventions from multiple disciplines, from pain management to future prevention. 


For Brady, our team has the knowledge and experience to create a program aligned with his wrestling and training goals. Our yoga ambassadors will design core strengthening and back flexibility exercises. Additionally, they can offer suggestions to promote relaxation for his over-stimulated nervous system and improve his mind-body connection. They will track his progress and consult with Brady's assigned physical therapist to address any muscular imbalances that may have resulted from him wanting to protect his injured back. His dietician will use our software to analyze his current dietary habits and suggest macro and micronutrient additions to promote tissue regeneration and keep his energy levels high to optimize his training. Our mental health counselor can work with him to identify the mental impacts of an injury on an elite athlete and offer strategies to help him strengthen his mental resolve and trust in his body. Lastly, our medical provider offers guidance to address his medication side effects and how to reduce his dependency on pain medications safely. 

Radect has offerings specific to what athletes like Brady can use to reach their full potential. This includes when chronic pain has them side lined or to reduce their risk of injury before it happens. We want to see you on the court or in the field just as you do.

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