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Yoga Journey Case Study

Practicing Yoga at Home

Detailed Patient Background

Mary is a middle-aged, 34 year old. She is relatively healthy on most standards and according to her healthcare providers. However, she has grown tired of her job and quit, now in a transition of searching for something new. She does experience anxiety both with this life change and generally, and in the past struggled with bulimia. Her body image struggles continue with the unrealistic expectations on social media and life which promotes perfection in an unperfect world. 


She enjoys yoga, both to cope with her anxiety and for her overall physical health. Mary has been practicing for eight years in a studio and continued through the pandemic with online studios. She wants to continue her yoga practices while aligning with her life goals of finding purpose. Mary has gone on yoga retreats in the past and finds the lack of continuity to be a struggle when returning back home and hard to continuously go to, due to limited income.

Radect's Impact

When Mary discovers Radect Health and decides to become a new member, this is how our intake process would begin to help her in her journey. 


First we would assign Mary a yoga instructor who would start her intake and introductory session. They would meet with her and go through a questionnaire to discover her past health experiences, what has worked and hasn't, and areas of her life she wants to improve (including in terms of exercise habits). This will help our team identify and set goals for how we will move forward together. 


Secondly, we would create her personalized comprehensive plan. For Mary, this includes giving her exercises and an advanced yoga program, ways to improve her quality of life and mental state, and how we can help her find her purpose with meditation and introspective worksheets. As a part of her plan, we offer specific programs/classes. Her classes would include 2 yoga classes per week (including Restorative Yoga and Vinyasa Flow) and 1 meditation class per week with a focus on body positivity. 


In addition to our classes with members, we provide them with "homework" or work that they can do on their own that aligns with our ambassador's lesson plans. Mary will be sent a mantra meditation video (self love) that she will listen to and follow once a day (either upon waking or before going to bed) and a journaling assignment to complete each week that will be discussed with her ambassador at the beginning of their session together. 


Radect Health believes in providing support in all areas of health and at every stage of our member's health journey. Mary will have a weekly check-in / follow up where we will check in on how she is feeling in her exercise program, review how her assignments are going, how she feels in life in general, ask other questions based on her responses and be an ear if she needs to vent at all. Overall, our check ins are to get a sense of how her plan is going and how she is doing mentally, emotionally, and physically. Additionally, our team does extra research into her location to provide recommendations about local resources or groups. For Mary we would look into local women’s groups, drum circles, or yoga share groups in her area to see if they have any affordable, to no cost, retreats or get-together that she might be able to attend. 


Our goal is to improve her overall quality of life and sense of purpose. We want to provide her with all the resources (from our team to what is in her local area) to relieve her anxiety, promote body positivity, and advance her yoga practice.

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