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Gym Instructor

Course Details

Advanced Health and Wellness Plan | Price: $275 Every month

Yoga Group
  • Up to 1.5 hour every other week of 1 on 1 coaching with team

  • 8 classes for 8 hours per month of online studio time

  • Additional: for caregivers, family members, and others

  • Meet up to 1.5 hours monthly for mental health assistance

Course Description

This plan is inclusive of all the aspects of the Beginner and Complete packages plus added services. This program is built primarily for professional athletes, high-level competitive athletes, or former athletes. 


There is more personalized coaching that will allow these members a greater connection to our yoga ambassadors. More one-on-one hours are allotted and larger access is granted to members of the advanced plan to components of the Radect software and dashboard. 


For more information on how we work with athletes, check out our blogs.


  • Wellness and health assessment

  • Weekly online assignments for custom fitness improvement

  • Online meditation and breathing work

  • Directed Journaling

  • Diet evaluation & feedback with custom online plan

  • Personalized reviewal of yoga technique and form

  • Option for our Discounted Yoga Retreat

  • Mental health assessment

  • Reviewal and feedback on social activities

  • Custom yoga and fitness based on health conditions

  • DMs from Yoga Instructor

  • Additional: for specific Physical Therapy (athletes, aging)

  • Additional: for Financial Planning

  • This plan customization for health complications

Yoga on the Beach

Advanced Health and Wellness Plan

$275 Every month

This plan is for Athletes or those with Health Conditions

Valid for 1 year

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