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Doctor and Patient

Concierge Health Plan

Advanced Health and Wellness Plan | Price: $279 Every month


Plan Description

We are offering a new type of health plan through doctors as concierge that includes Integrative health teams for...

  • Yoga/Physical Fitness

  • Physical Therapy

  • Dietician

  • and Social Work practiced through Retreats, Workshops, Personalized Coaching, Group Virtual Yoga Classes, and Social Events.


We focus on those people with:

  • IBD

  • Diabetes

  • Hypertension

  • Caregivers

  • Family members you are caregivers for

  • Chronic Pain

  • Women’s health issues

  • Past issues with depression and anxiety, trauma, aging 

  • Preventative measures like physical therapy, professions like nurses, doctors, and social workers, yoga enthusiasts, or a combination, and those that care about making wellness and health part of your lives in a fun way.

You can participate with doctors and nurse practitioners in our network that offer our health plan in the following locations and states by clicking the link (show them). You can sign up with the plan and the doctor or nurse practitioner and our yoga ambassador here. A portion of our funds will be used to support minority and health disparity case studies.


Minority and Health Disparity
We offer a second plan to make minority and health disparity integrate workshops as retreats to help all income and backgrounds. We are building case studies to adopt our model into community health centers. We want people to want to achieve health and wellness. If you are a community health center, community organization like church or other religious organizations, social clubs, and related.

You will receive a concierge medicine and wellness program like no other. The reason to sign up is healthcare can be fun. You will receive a yearly health and wellness retreat specific to each condition, workshops to attend locally and online, 1:1 personalized coaching with our yoga (and fitness) instructor, and receiving an integrative health team of yoga and fitness ambassador, physical therapist, social worker, nurse, and clinical dietician supporting yourself and the doctor or nurse practitioner you select in your state. You will receive a personalized wellness and health plan, activities and sessions for exercise, diet, and topics that will then be integrated as part of your integrative health and for your doctor or nurse practitioner. The personalization is unparalleled. 


We specialize in the following:

  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Crohn's and Colitis) / Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBD)

Radect offers a unique opportunity for IBD patients to have access to a concierge service that offers Physical Therapy, Social Work, Physician Care, Yoga Instruction, and Nutritional Advice all in one place.

For an IBD Patient, this is something you won’t find anywhere else, and difficult to do on your own. Managing your health services is a struggle for many patients, keeping track of your health records, medication lists, symptoms, side-effects, and preventative care is overwhelming and often overlooked by doctors and patients themselves. Radect makes it easy and stress free so you no longer need to worry about keeping track of everything.

You’ll also spend less in medical costs overtime with Radect’s concierge service; because the more you use it, the healthier you become and the less symptoms and health conditions you’ll need to treat with doctor’s visits and medications.

Overall Radect’s concierge service will help you manage your health care more efficiently, help you achieve financial stability with health care, and give educational benefits with their team of professionals.

  • Chronic Pain
    Radect offers a wide range of support every step of the way to guide you through your pain recovery process. By offering a comprehensive recovery program that treats all parts of your life that pain affects; mental, emotional, and physical. 

    Through our concierge service that offers Physical Therapy, Social Work, Physician Care, Yoga Instruction, and Nutritional Advice all in one place.

    Our personalized model will help you develop practices that you can sustain consistently your whole life and reclaim your life from pain. 

  • Diabetes
    Struggling to manage your symptoms? Newly diagnosed with Diabetes and not sure what to do? Radect is here to help!

    Our concierge service will focus on your individual needs, help you understand the disease, and how to manage it well.

    Our services include a comprehensive assessment and personalized treatment through Physical Therapy, Social Work, Physician Care, Yoga Instruction, and Nutritional Advice all in one place.

    We work with your doctor to reduce your medications and ultimately send your diabetes into remission or better manage your condition.

  • Women’s Health Issues (Menopause & Young Adult)
    Find relief for what you’re feeling and embrace this new stage of life with Radect’s concierge plan. Our plan is evidence based and treats more than just the symptoms, it treats the cause as well as every faucet of your health. From hormones, sexual health, nutrition, weight optimization, mental health, and more.

    Through our concierge service that offers Physical Therapy, Social Work, Physician Care, Yoga Instruction, and Nutritional Advice all in one place. We work alongside you and your health care provider to support a lifelong journey of Wellness in an outstanding, responsive, and convenient environment.

  • Anxiety and Depression
    Radect Health’s personalized approach to health care resolves the entire problem when it comes to Anxiety & Depression- not just the symptoms, but taking a holistic approach they can help create a better work/life balance in a compassionate and confidential environment.

    You’ll receive enhanced personalized access to services such as Physical Therapy, Social Work, Physician Care, Yoga Instruction, and Nutritional Advice all in one place. 

    As a member of Radect Health you’ll have timely access to your plan of preventative, therapeutic, and supportive care. Allowing you to return to your normal daily routine without any distractions, disruptions, or discomfort.

  • Minority and Health Disparity
    RADECT is able to bridge the gap and empower healthcare practitioners to break the silos both in resources and care. This allows us to all-in-one offer a more comprehensive care, increase access, and reduce the burden for clinicians. Since social determinants of health and functional health are interdisciplinary, we create new methods and software for providers and non-traditional providers (community health workers, social organizations, and yoga teachers) to support patient education, build health proactiveness through fun versus a distaste for wellness and healthcare, and personalized coaching.

    We seek to partner with community health workers and community health centers to support your wellness and health journey.
    General Preventative and Managed Health 

  • ​Cardiovascular/Hypertension

  • Mental Health

  • Functional Health 
    Optimize your health and get everything you need in one place with Radect’s concierge plan. Combines preventative, diagnostic, therapeutic, and comprehensive care with holistic healing to bring you the best care possible. Treating the whole person, before you get sick, and every step in between, on your health journey. 

    You’ll receive direct care through Physical Therapy, Social Work, Physician Care, Yoga Instruction, and our Dietitian. We coordinate directly with your doctor and work with all major health plans so you don’t have to. No administrative burden to you, so you can get back to the life you want to live!

Populations with Stressors and Specialized Needs

  • ​Nurses and Doctors
    Radect Health’s concierge plan is perfect for busy professionals; to help you slow down and take time for yourself. 
    We recognize the need for flexible scheduling, personalized care, and working with a health care team that is here for YOU! Our plan and services meet various needs through Physical Therapy, Social Work, Physician Care, Yoga Instruction, and Nutritional Advice all in one place.
    You’ll have online access to a wide array of offerings, resources, and tasks from Self-Care, Women’s Health, to Anxiety, and Chronic Pain. 
    You’ll save time and money with our plan all while learning to have a work/life balance that you didn’t have before.

  • Family Caregivers and Supporting Family Members 
    As a caregiver you deliver premium quality care, ensure client safety, and act as a client liaison to other health professionals; Radect’s concierge plan will deliver that same service back to you! 

    We put your needs first; including Mental Health & Physical Exercise through wellness tracking and specialized services made just for you. 

    Our trained, compassionate, instructors are excited to work with you through
    Physical Therapy, Social Work, Physician Care, Yoga Instruction, and Nutritional Advice all in one place. To enhance your quality of life and navigate your own wellness goals. 

For each specialization, we go beyond what is traditionally part of healthcare to build a more comprehensive service. For example, for chronic pain adds mental health to care. We have specialized exercises and take into account other issues that arise with IBD like anemia and skin conditions. Our programs for women’s health add help for pelvis. You can click on each topic to see a description.


Our workshops go beyond just the condition, but add help with topics like social media and cell phone addiction, building constructive social activities, and medication management. You can learn more about them by clicking here.


You will start with a custom wellness and curriculum plan. We will have a retreat to get to know you. We will assign classes and workshops for you. This will become part of your assignments and health and wellness record. Our team will work with groups for you to participate in discussions after the retreats to participate for the workshops. Our team will manage your program with our software.


  • Wellness and health assessment

  • Weekly online assignments for custom fitness improvement

  • Online meditation and breathing work

  • Directed Journaling

  • Diet evaluation & feedback with custom online plan

  • Personalized reviewal of yoga technique and form

  • Option for our Discounted Yoga Retreat

  • Mental health assessment

  • Reviewal and feedback on social activities

  • Custom yoga and fitness based on health conditions

  • DMs from Yoga Instructor

  • Additional: for specific Physical Therapy (athletes, aging)

  • Additional: for Financial Planning

  • This plan customization for health complications

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