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Relieve Neck Pain with Cat & Cow Pose!

If you experience neck pain, or tension in the upper back, than flowing through a few rounds of the Yoga Postures called Cat & Cow may be just what you need!

Cat & Cow are postures used to warm up the spine and often used across many different styles of Yoga Classes. You will see these postures traditionally at the beginning of a Yoga class, as they move the spine from the base of the neck to the tailbone as well as stretch the front of the body and the upper back.

A stiff back can cause pain and tension in the neck as well as along the spine. Cat & Cow can manage and prevent this in the future by warming up the spine with gentle movements while stretching the muscles of the upper back and neck. All while relieving tension at the same time, leaving you feeling more relaxed and comfortable, like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders!

How to do Cow Pose

  • Having a soft flooring to practice on; either a Yoga Mat, large rug, or carpeted surface, come down to your hands and knees.

  • Spread your fingers wide to press your palms firmly into the ground and stack your knees directly under the hips. Starting with a neutral spine, finding Table Top Pose.

  • As you Inhale; relax and soften your belly towards the ground, arching your back, looking up towards the ceiling.

  • Feel the stretch through the front of the body from your chin & neck all the way down to your hips and pelvic muscles.

How to do Cat Pose

  • Flowing directly from Cow Pose; as you Exhale round your back draw your navel to your spine, tuck your chin, and press the floor away with your hands. Gently tuck the pelvis under as well, engaging the glutes and lower body.

  • Feel the stretch and your body lengthening through the upper back and your neck here. Soften your head, allow it to relax and let go of tension as you fully exhale.

  • Repeat Cat & Cow for 3-5 more breaths. Flowing through each one with intention, taking your time, moving at your own pace.

  • When finished with your breaths, come back to a neutral spine, Table Top Pose. From here, you can transition into another Yoga posture or find a seated or standing position to conclude your practice.

Enjoy the pain-free journey you are about to begin and reach out to any one of the Radect Yoga Ambassadors if you have questions. We are here to help!

Written By: Desiree Schmidt, 500hr-RYT

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