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A Step-By-Step Radect Health Plan Guide

We at Radect have a unique scientific program we use to custom make health plans for each individual client. The following is an overview of how we make each plan:

  • We start by collecting a health history. This includes past illnesses, surgeries, medications, and former lifestyle factors, such as smoking or drinking alcohol.

  • We then collect information to understand the client’s current health status. This includes current ailments, injuries, medications, diet, activities, and stressors.

  • Next we find out what the client’s wellness goals are. This can include physical, mental, emotional, and social goals. Does the client want to become stronger or more flexible? Do they want to lower the stress in their life to help lower their blood pressure? Do they want to engage with their peers more and form more fulfilling relationships? We can include any and all of these goals in a health plan!

  • We then consult our yoga instructors, physical therapists, social workers, doctors, and dietitians to begin building a comprehensive plan based on all of the data we have collected.

  • The comprehensive plan includes - an exercise plan, a diet plan, social activities, stress relievers, injury prevention, and more!

  • Once the individualized plan is made, we at Radect and the client begin utilizing our software to track progress and goals. We also use it for communication to hold the client accountable and support them during their journey.

  • Clients can direct message their personal coach, schedule private sessions, access videos, monitor health progress, and keep a food log all in one place!

  • Other professionals can easily be brought in on an as needed basis to provide additional support and resources.

  • All health data stays confidential, however, with the client’s permission can be shared to any healthcare professional for smooth, seamless transmission of information.

  • As the client reaches their goals, new goals can easily be made within the system.

Sign up today to allow our team to build your plan and help you to reach your lifestyle goals!


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