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Personalized Coaching Details

Price: $159 Every month

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  • Monthly 30 minute meeting for wellness and health check-in

  • One social activity group online class per month

  • Wellness Record for Health Practitioners to Review

  • Mindfulness practices and stressor reduction techniques

Course Description

Radect Health offers wellness and health curriculums focused on improving your proactive participation. With the beginner package, new members receive an intake assessment that is reviewed by their chosen yoga ambassador. A curriculum is created for the member to follow for 3 month increments over the year. Your team will iterate program details and offer support as you follow your plan.

This program is beneficial for yoga members and yoga retreat instructors who want to continue the effects and program of a retreat once it’s ended.  Our program maintains the social activity of the members with the additional offering of group classes.


We provide an online studio of videos and activities. You will complete these activities and will receive feedback each month through your team’s reviewing process. This plan is designed for people that are already proactive in diet, exercise, mindfulness practices, and the ability to manage their team-based health information independently. 


Personalize your wellness and have a wellness record that is part of your healthcare.


  • Wellness and health assessment

  • Weekly online assignments for custom fitness improvement

  • Online meditation and breathing work

  • Directed Journaling

  • Diet evaluation & feedback with custom online plan

  • Personalized reviewal of yoga technique and form

  • Option for Yoga Retreat

Personalized Coaching

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