Health, Wellness and Fitness all in the same plan, curated for you.

Everyone's health is unique because of their situation. Our software incorporates AI to build an ecosystem of patients, doctors, nurses, physical therapists, dieticians and more that understands this and ensures your healthcare matches your needs. 

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Radect Health?

We are about the whole you. We offer doctor's services, nutritionists, mental health, fitness, health experts, and more!

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For less than a cup of coffee a day, you get:

  • Doctor's care

  • Custom fitness instruction beyond a single personal trainer

  • Personalized coaching

  • Diet for better eating and health conditions 

  • Preventative physical therapy

  • Nutritional recommendations and plans

  • Mental health care 

  • AI analyzed health data

  • And much more!


How does that compare to what's normally in your to-go cup?

Our plans start at $3.80 a day--not including our $25 sale.

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 RadectHealth is paving the way for proactive health care.

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Scalable and possible due to Radect’s patented NIH funded software.

RadectHealth is...

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Radect is custom to YOU.

Let Radect help you live better by creating health care solutions that are tailored to you and your life. We are here to give you a health care plan that is proactive for your overall health. 

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Randy's Parkinson's RADECT Health Case Study

"Randy experiences tremors, increased difficulty in concentration, poor energy levels, and muscular stiffness along with other symptoms that has led to his reduction in efficiency at work and having to quit his recreational endeavours.


His physician diagnosed him with Parkinson's and this added to his already ailing mental state. Now he requires the assistance of many different healthcare practitioners, including dieticians, mental health specialists, and fitness instructors to manage and instruct him on a new way of life--however, the current state of healthcare requires him to search out each of these parties independently where they will only work on a specific scope of his health.


How would a team-based care change his outcomes versus this silo approach?"

Who is a part of the RadectHealth team?
Yoga Session
Certified Yoga Instructors 
Physical Therapy Session
Physical Therapists
Young Doctor
Medical Practitioners
Attentive Therapist
Clinical Social Workers - Therapists