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How it Works for Our Members

All-in-one solution for efficient health care and wellness

AI by health care and wellness providers for health care and wellness providers and their patients

Our patented RADECT software breaks down barriers between traditional healthcare and holistic wellness. It captures and shares this knowledge using our AI engine to assess, develop, and deliver content. Your metrics are continuously monitored, and program adjusted to fit your preferences and fun exercise / activities. Our software makes this comprehensive and scalable that has not been possible before. While other systems may provide 24/7 access, our system additionally analyzes and anticipates potential problems, proposes mitigation strategies that strengthen preventative treatments.

Step 1

The first step is to set up your account. If you don’t have a yoga instructor, we will select one for you from our team of ambassadors. 

Your instructor will have you fill out a set of questions that measure your level of fitness, including your knowledge of yoga, state of health, and so on. You will answer additional questions. This data is used by the instructor, who is guided by the Radect Health system, to create a custom yoga and wellness program that is unique for you. No two programs are alike. 

All the information you provide is private. It is only available to your designated instructor. You have the option of giving access to other individuals, such as your doctor, family member, or any other health care professional.

Step 2

Once your program is created, your activities are constantly monitored by Radect Health. Your instructor is kept up to date with your progress (or lack of...). You are offered choices of activities, nutrition, and other programs that enhance your well-being. As you progress, adjustments are made to improve your fitness and overall health. 

Step 3

Your instructor is always up to date on your activities. You will receive messages and new activities so that your routine doesn’t become just that -a routine. Your instructor and you will reassess your total health in a similar process to when you signed up with Radect Health.  

With Radect Health, your program is personalized and customized to you. No two people are alike. Your activities are continuously monitored and adjusted to fit your needs and preferences. The patented Radect software never stops looking out for you! If that sounds good to you, let us be a part of your journey and your yoga collective.

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