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How it Works for Our Ambassadors

Step 1

Signing up with RADECT is easy! You will sign a confidentiality agreement to keep all member information confidential and receive training on our software. We assign you a yoga ambassador and/or health care team member to support you with your initial members. You will learn how to navigate Radect and have a trial with mock clients. Upon satisfactory completion, you will be assigned members.

Step 2

Members will have the option to choose to work with you directly. The member will give you permission to review their information. For new members, you will manage an in-take assessment and collect their initial information. You will develop a wellness and health plan in collaboration with your assigned health team. Each health team recommends diet, mental health, yoga or fitness programs, and medical considerations into a collaborative plan for the member.

Step 3

The member will have weekly assignments, diet plans, mental health materials, fitness plans, and even coaching. They will also have access to an online studio. You will have a group of members and review their records, weekly assignments, and work individually on certain things, like yoga form and posture or filling out worksheets and assessing. The content library is continuously growing and will include web-based activities and tasks. We will have topical online classes for coaching, sets of yoga poses, breath work, and even working with specific members that have health conditions, like Hypertension and Parkinson’s. Additionally, you can propose topical online studios. As a part of the Radect team, you will have a software support and health team always by your side.

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