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Rochell (Shelly) Paulson

Physical Therapist
200-RYT - Yoga Instructor

Shelly has been a Physical Therapist for 24 years in a variety of settings, ranging from home care to an outpatient clinic, a TCU, and most recently, an acute psychiatric hospital. She has experience in treating joint issues resulting from injuries or degenerative diseases especially rotator cuff and low back dysfunction, muscle re-education following a neurological event, aquatic therapy, and chronic pain management.

Shelly began practicing yoga 15 years ago after sustaining a running injury and found it so effective she began incorporating the basic principles into treatments for her patients of all diagnoses. Since then she has obtained her yoga teaching certification and has attended hundreds of hours of Therapeutic Yoga and Yoga/Pilates for Rehab seminars.  She has been teaching classes for hospital staff and patients since 2020 and individualized yoga programs are also a large part of her practice as a PT.

More recently Shelly has shifted to a prevention mindset and using yoga principles to treat the whole patient. She uses breathwork, meditation, biofeedback, and mindfulness with her patients of all diagnoses along with individualized exercise plans to promote healing. She has seen firsthand how mental health issues affect physical health and you cannot treat one without addressing the other.

Aside from yoga, Shelly enjoys hiking, traveling, reading, and spending time at her cabin with her husband and three children. She is looking forward to collaborating with the Radect team and using the Radect Health system to partner with clients in their health journey.

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