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Yoga is Inclusive

RADECTHealth individualizes to your own beliefs.

The practice of yoga can be used in many ways. RADECTHealth employs the physical and mental parts of yoga for the health and therapeutic benefits it brings to a more well-rounded program. While there are many different types of yoga available, our mission is to customize a plan that is specific to you, your health journey, and your personal preferences. With Yoga as the ‘hub’ of our programming, it holds together and connects the overall wellness experience, which includes meditation, journaling, poses, and so much more beyond traditional ‘stretching’.

The RADECTHealth program is not specific to yoga but extensible to your choices for fitness and diet. Although yoga can be used to improve both the inner and outer selves, this can also be done through other fitness and wellness programs. RADECTHealth can do pilates, kickboxing, walking, and the like. Yoga is connected to religion (and often thought of as a religion), however, it is not a religion itself, and we are able to draw benefits from the various parts of a yoga practice while still keeping it personalized to each individual. We integrate what is known in modern Western medicine with the mental health, fitness, diet, mindfulness, and other health benefits of an Eastern practice.

Yoga is no longer solely used as a religious practice, but it retains its roots in contemplation and reflection. It is considered a way to unite the mind and body (or the inner and outer selves), but is also used by many to attain a closer relationship with a higher power of their choice. The inner self could be considered the internal struggle of good vs evil, while the outer self could be considered how you prepare to best improve that which is around you. Bringing these two selves into balance if how we achieve wellness and health through yoga.

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