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Yoga for All

Yoga portrayed in social media usually shows a fit, young woman or man in a perfectly matched outfit doing a pose (asana) that is unachievable for most people. Although these are the images we usually see, this is the exception rather than the rule in yoga. Yoga is meant for every body type, level of fitness, age, gender, and ability.

Yoga can be a gentle practice with slow, supported movements, silent meditation, and lots of restful time, or it can be a powerful practice with strength building poses, flows to build cardio health, and chanting to increase energy. Yoga is a spectrum of practices that can be scaled and personalized to support your best health.

Yoga has no beginning and no end, so you start where you are, and you go to whatever level your body can comfortably achieve. It is ok to start with a chair yoga practice or an abbreviated practice until your body is ready to move on to more. As your physical practice grows, it becomes easier to integrate the mental and emotional pieces, if you so choose. This can include silent or guided meditation, journaling, and breath-work.

Beginning a practice at any level and ability can be difficult if you don’t know where to start. We at RADECTHealth are here to help you as you begin and continue on your journey. We can help you decide where to start, how to move forward, and give you all the support you need along the way. Whether your goal is to improve balance, build strength, or just become consistent in working on your health, we have a plan for you.

Our selection of classes and programs will not only help you achieve your goals, but will take into account any and all obstacles along the way. Join us and make your journey to a healthy life fun!


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