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The Family Doctor analogy to RADECT Health

What has become of the family doctor? Do we want a family doctor?

Before answering the two questions, RADECT is about building a relationship of better managed care that many people do not already have. Yes, go to urgent care. We are about extended managed care to not only internal medicine (… primary care), but all care, as well as wellness.

Now to address the two questions. Today we live in a health system. You can choose Kaiser Permanente or Beth Israel Deaconess. You live in a network. The doctors join this network. Good doctors in primary care really want to be concierge. They can spend more time learning about you. They charge to have a greater relationship. Understand your medical health. And you want this because you trust them. You are given the access to them. They will not only know the issue you are walking in with but provide you optimal managed care.

You will want a health system that has doctors in that health system that you feel have good doctors. They are there for you. Wouldn’t everyone want a family doctor? Well, yes! Wouldn’t everyone want a good health system? Well, yes! Unless you pay for concierge, you will not receive the managed care the family doctor used to be. You need to pay for a good health system. There is no free lunch.

RADECT Health has built the concept of the family doctor across wellness and healthcare for everyone. It is now not only the family doctor, but the team-based care. This model was designed to improve minority and health disparity. The idea is, can we know the person. Not let anything fall through the cracks. It was impossible to do so with our current healthcare system because doctors do not have the time. RADECT increases the capacity of nontraditional healthcare workers and other that make the time. It is combining what you do in the gym to do so much more. You receive not fitness but inclusive of fitness wellness and health. We need to personalize. Everyone’s fitness, diet, social and environmental, and situation are alike. This means not only does the family doctor know you, but so does the family health and wellness person.

Would you leave a great doctor? A great health system? Likely not. RADECT now has a great fitness, dietician, social work, physical therapist through a team-based wellness and care. And a great health system by optimizing health to support you.

You will have a fitness instructor that knows you. Knows your past fitness history. Someone that hopefully stays with you as your fitness journey changes. They will know your diet. Your challenges with diet. They will know your social and environment needs. Doctors will want to be supported by RADECT, because they benefit from reduced charting time. The doctor can spend more time supporting you what they do best, providing medical, so you can get better care. They will know you better than Google!

RADECT is creating a new job title. If you have a name consideration, please email … We will provide a contest and first three months free if we choose it over the next four months (September 11, 2022 thru December 31st, 2022)!

And, instead of paying for a gym that does not know you, your health conditions, or areas of help you need, instead of having managed care only in the doctor’s office, but now within social work, physical therapy, social determinants of health, fitness, dietician, coaching, and helping you with resources, as a resource. Isn’t this better than a personal trainer. Isn’t this better than a gym membership? Isn’t this better than your current healthcare? Wouldn’t you want that relationship long term. RADECT was built to solve minority and health disparity healthcare, and we are for everyone. And if you are on Medicaid, we offer a deep discount. We are about everyone! We are about having a relationship like the family doctor.

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