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Small Postural Changes Can Make a Big Difference in Neck Pain

Have you ever been so busy at work and realized you haven’t looked up from your computer in several hours? Do you ever catch your profile from a glance in a mirror and wonder when you started slouching so much?

At any given moment, at least 10% of the adult US population suffers from neck pain. Much of this is avoidable as it results from prolonged poor posture that can strain the muscles and ligaments that support the neck causing discomfort and injury over time.

If you must sit at a desk or chair for work- here are some tips for improving your spinal alignment :

1) Make sure your shoulders are pulled back and your head is supported in line with your torso

2) Adjust your pelvis so your “sit bones” (those knobby bones on the underside of your pelvis) are directly underneath you and are your weight bearing surface

3) Ensure you have a slight curve in your lower back and can slide a hand between your body and the chair

4) Sit with both feet flat on the floor and legs uncrossed

5) Stand up and move around at least every 45-60 minutes, noticing any areas of discomfort or tightness

A regular yoga practice, good posture habits, and neck stretches can increase your postural muscle stability and have been proven effective in managing chronic neck pain and preventing dysfunction.


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