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Rock Star = Yoga Instructor

With RADECTHealth, the yoga and pilates instructor becomes a rock star!

Yoga and all it entails is a mystery to many. They assume it is just gentle stretching or power flow classes, however, the yoga curriculum is so much more expansive. The physical act of performing yoga poses is just a small part of yoga as a whole. Why are some yoga practitioners not aware of this? Part of the reason is the lack of integration of other curriculum into a yoga studio, and the other part is the lack of personalized attention and programming.

This is further exacerbated by the plethora of yoga videos available on the web, where you can find any variation of asana (poses) and meditation. Anyone can find a video and follow along, or attend a class and get lost in the sea of people, but does the instructor really know you? Can they create a continuous program based on your personal journey? Can they provide diet/nutrition, physical therapy, community health and social activity, mental health, behavioral change, social work, education, and directed journaling all in one place?

They do not offer all this because they are not rock stars, but they could be! Rock stars can sing a song to an individual or a small group of people, but doing this perpetually would get exhausting. They scale their performances instead. The rock star then sings to a stadium audience but not in the same way they would sing to a small crowd. They scale their performance again. What if they record and post a hit song on the web? Now they are reaching millions of people. Yoga (and fitness) instructors cannot simulate this because every client needs personalization.

RADECTHealth solves this dilemma by using software to empower yoga instructors to scale and personalize all their classes to become the rock stars. We have found a way to bridge wellness with healthcare. Imagine a longitudinal wellness record like a longitudinal health record. A wellness record with an intake assessment, wellness check ins, and both short- and long-term health goals. Our software learns from the experiential knowledge of instructors about how a person can relate to the population. They have a team behind them supporting their disciplines.

This means yoga has a team-based approach just like a health team-based approach. RADECTHealth is doing this to allow a new generation of yoga, where the studio, if online or in-person, is not just the means to an end for yoga, but for yoga participants to now have a yoga instructor coach for their entire class.

Yoga now has the ability to educate and expand its use. Will yoga therapists be the next rock stars?

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