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Offering More to Your Yoga and Wellness Clients

Yoga instructors can offer classes, private instruction, workshops, and retreats to their clients, but time and money constraints can often stunt the growth of their businesses. The classes, workshops, and retreats are an ideal way to reach more clients and spread more knowledge, but a mixed group of clients leads to a loss of personalization. Private instruction is the ideal way to provide clients with a personalized program, but an instructor is limited in how many clients they can see per week, and this can also be costly for the client.

Wellness tourism (retreats) offers clients an all-in-one health overhaul during a set time period of days or weeks. This comprehensive program can, and sometimes does, touch on all aspects of a clients’ health from physical to mental to emotional. Clients are given everything they need to lose weight, increase flexibility, de-stress, and heal. While these programs are proficient at providing wellness services (sometimes personalized), they lack the continuity needed for overall long term client success.

A woman is sitting in a seated spinal twist, turning and looking over one shoulder.
Vareika Yoga - @vareikayoga

The Radect system has solved both of these problems. It allows Yoga instructors to reach more clients in a personalized and affordable way, and allows wellness tourism to become more long term than the set time of a retreat. Yoga instructors can use the Radect system to keep track of clients progress, personalize programs by directing clients to specific workouts/classes or videos, and keep clients on track through weekly or monthly check ins. The Radect system is affordable for clients, and also allows instructors a greater reach. Radect carries forward the comprehensiveness of a retreat by incorporating all parts a clients’ health, integrating multiple wellness/health professionals, and keeping clients involved and motivated for the long run. Clients can now participate in year round ‘retreats’.

Whether you are an individual instructor or a wellness business, Radect can help you to expand your reach and provide personalized, affordable, scalable programs for your clients to achieve long term success. You can cater to your individual clients‘ needs, bring in other health professionals to support their journey, easily track progress, and provide ongoing motivation. Add Radect to your program to expand your potential and provide continual care.


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