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Easy Seated Pose, Not So Easy?

Easy Seated Pose, often the beginning of most yoga classes can seem like a simple calming posture, yet you may find yourself struggling to relax.

If your hips are feeling tight or you have pain and tension through the joints in the knees, ankles, or feet. Try straightening your legs in front of you instead of having them bent. You can then relax your hands along side your hips or in your lap and just allow your legs to soften down into the ground without worry of being in a posture that isn’t suited for your body.

If your back is feeling pain or tension in Easy Seated Pose and your having a hard time sitting up tall through the spine. See if you have the opportunity to use wall space, sit with your back against the wall, lengthen and lean back slightly fodr support. Feel tall and strong, no longer holding tension. You may also use a booster between your back and the wall if available.

Try these tips in your next Yoga practice and enjoy the benefits that Easy Seated Pose has to offer; bringing a sense of peace, calm, and relaxation to the mind and body! Namaste, Desiree

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