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Bridge the Gap Between Wellness and Healthcare

A healthcare practitioner has the best interests of their patients in mind. They assess, diagnose, and recommend treatment plans for each individual patient based on symptoms, past history, current conditions, and accessibility. The practitioner can track progress through check-ins or follow up appointments, but what is the key to patient follow through and treatment plan longevity?

Radect Health has bridged the gap between diagnosis, treatment, and follow up by helping see both practitioners and patients seamlessly through their entire health and wellness journey. From the start, a patient’s health history and current conditions are stored securely in Radect’s system, where it can only be accessed by authorized personnel. This allows every healthcare practitioner of a patient to easily share relevant information.

Practitioners can then collaborate on a multi-faceted, individualized plan in one place to avoid contraindications, and to build the most sensible plan for a patient. Patients are assigned a health coach to keep them motivated and held accountable, and also have access to videos, articles, progress logs, and community support.

Radect’s comprehensive wellness system helps patients to stay on track with their treatment plans through day-to-day guidance and support. Patients are able to ask questions, connect with like-minded individuals, and access any other qualified healthcare professionals they might need.

Physical, mental, and emotional well-being are all taken into account to keep patients on the road to success. Radect allows practitioners to see greater amounts of success in their patients, and allows patients to achieve their health and wellness goals.


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