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5 Easy Tips to Live a Healthier Lifestyle

1. Choose to drink water with meals over sugary drinks

Choosing to drink water over things like soda or sweetened iced teas with meals is an easy way to start living healthier. By doing this, you're avoiding extra unnecessary sugar intake and you’re also getting in some of your water intake for the day so this tip is really two for one!

2. Take time to move during the day

This is for people who are mostly sedentary throughout the day and/or work desk jobs. Being in one position for a prolonged duration isn’t ideal for our body so take the time to get up and walk around for 2 minutes every 30 minutes if possible. You can learn more about this topic in this blog post here: Have a desk job? Don't skip your workout!

3. Make sure you get enough sleep

We always think about diet and exercise in terms of living a healthier lifestyle but getting enough sleep is important too so don’t forget about this one! The CDC recommends 7-9 hours per night for adults up to age 65 and 7-8 hours per night for adults 65 and older.

4. Take time to bring your attention inward

We spend so much of our time focused on the external world that it’s so important to take the time to bring our attention inward. This can be in the form of meditating or connecting with your breath, whatever activity allows you to focus within. Just know that this doesn’t need to be time consuming either, even taking 1-2 minutes to do this can be really beneficial.

5. Make time for things you enjoy

It can sometimes be challenging to make time for yourself as an adult but it's so important to do this. Try to carve out some time for you and for doing something you enjoy. Your mind will thank you.

Try out these tips to start living a healthier lifestyle today!


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