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Dr. Dana Dragone

Registered Dietitian and Doctor in
Clinical Nutrition

Dr. Dana Dragone is a holistic focused Registered Dietitian with her Doctorate in Clinical Nutrition from the Maryland University of Integrative Health. Her lifelong passion for food led her to pursue a career in Nutrition where she quickly realized her calling as a healer. She uses food as medicine and throughly enjoys healing the human body as naturally as possible. Her interest in healing reaches far beyond just nutrition as she also holds a certification as an Aromatherapist and is currently pursuing her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training. Dana understands that food and nutrition are powerful tools, yet, access to them can be limited within the general population. Her goal in working with RADECT Inc. is to help expand access to evidenced-based nutrition recommendations for a variety of disease states and spread awareness of the power of nutrition to communities that may otherwise feel confused by the extensive and often contradicting information circling popular media.

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