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Radect Health Healthy Food

Health and Wellness Plan

Hands Touching
  • Up to one hour every other week of 1 on 1 coaching with team

  • 6 hours per month of online studio time (up to 6 classes)

  • Reviewal and feedback of social activities

  • Custom Yoga and Fitness based on health conditions

Course Description

The Complete package builds on the components of the Beginner package. In addition to those services, you can have up to eight disciplines as a part of your team. The disciplines include exercise, diet, coaching, social work, mental health, social and environmental determinants of health, nursing (function health, health management), and physical therapy (posture, range of motion). Additionally, you can now have psychiatry and therapy incorporated into your plans. 

This package also offers program direct assistance in planning and care for caregivers and family members of those with health conditions. 


Members get access to a “full studio” and personalized coach in an online format. The first step is an intake assessment, then a personalized curriculum will be created for you. 


You have scheduled classes with a yoga ambassador who will review your level of exercise, eating patterns, ensure integration of “fun” in your program, overall wellness, and communicate with the other practitioners of your team. Together, this will cover mental health treatments, diets for health conditions, preventative physical therapy, addressing impactful social determinants of health, health education, functional health patterns, and any medical integrations for management (upon permissions). 


You will have assignments outside of the scheduled class. There is an optional meetup two to three times each week and if you miss them, one of your team will contact you to understand why. This is because we understand the importance of support.  We care. Each person during the class will have a personalized curriculum, but will all have a condition or exercise-focus that tackles similar problems. 


The Radect yoga ambassador will create time points to meet with you individually and review your progress after class for several minutes. You will receive assignments based on your own needs to follow up.


  • Wellness and health assessment

  • Weekly online assignments for custom fitness improvement

  • Online meditation and breathing work

  • Directed Journaling

  • Diet evaluation & feedback with custom online plan

  • Personalized reviewal of yoga technique and form

  • Topical Group Classes for Social Activity, Breath Work, etc.

  • Wellness and Health Record useful for expanded Team Care

  • Mental health assessment, custom plan and activities

  • Incorporate Health Management

  • Preventative Physical Therapy

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